Audiences enthusiastically embrace the practical and interactive sessions that are a hallmark of Kimi’s signature approach. She specializes in giving technologists tips and processes that they can use immediately to increase their interpersonal skills and leadership. Thousands have responded. Bringing the pragmatic approach of her decades of experience in project management, product development, and account management to bear, Kimi has made it fun and educational to become better leaders – leveraging technical expertise and better communication skills to become the translators that organizations so desperately need. Team by team this is how you accelerate the cultural maturity and productivity of organizations.

Dynamic and high-energy, Kimi has spoken throughout the world and engages audiences through humor; real-life experiences; and simple, practical application of complex topics.

See what Kimi can do to help you energize your events and your people.

Engaging, Entertaining, and Educational

Engaging and energetic, Kimi’s audiences bond through humor and sharing real-life stories that directly relate the topic to the audience. Her experiences obtained from working on a range of projects and with a wide assortment of clients allow Kimi to directly relate to her audiences and demonstrate the successes achievable through the tips and suggestions presented in her speeches.

Your audiences will be able to use the practical application of the information immediately in their projects, their teams, and their organizations.

Expertise At Your Disposal

Kimi’s areas of expertise are:

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Portfolio Design and Management
  • Strategic Planning

Holding an MBA in project management, Kimi weaves the wisdom of experience with extensive studies of organizational performance into each and every speech. Your audiences will weave those same threads of improvement into each of their teams.

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