Adults in search of an additional tool to clarify objectives and enhance their goal setting.


Sometimes you know only two things: 1) you are not happy with where you are and 2) you haven’t the faintest idea of which direction to take.

And it’s not just you.

If the studies are to be believed, many of us find ourselves working with clients who cannot easily communicate their needs and requirements. How can you possibly fulfill the needs of your clients when they can’t tell you what they want?

One of the key strengths of the anti goal approach is the simple foundation of starting from what you do know well – you know what you don’t want.

In this speech, your audience will learn straightforward techniques to determine that next step – the direction that is most satisfying – and for your clients? Those elusive requirements!


  • 3 step process to gain clarity
  • Practice supporting another person in gaining clarity – excellent use with clients!
  • Fun while learning and practicing


1 hour including 10 minutes of Q&A