Accelerated change and the global economy have fostered a dynamic environment in organizational performance. Organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit face greater challenges than at any point in history. Organizations can no longer rely on their previous successes.

In this speech, Kimi presents the seven key success parameters that drive organizations to a new level of performance. Based on decades of research and founded on such greats as Mazlow, McGregor, Flamholtz and Randle, Covey, and many more, Kimi demonstrates how your organization’s culture can offer you a strategic advantage in any marketplace. Whether your goals are profit-driven, saving companion animals, or government agency, your organization’s culture drives your success or failure.

You’ll discover how to motivate your teams, how to focus on the customer, how to engage stakeholders, and many more. A world-renowned expert in organizational productivity, Kimi brings her vast experiences to demonstrate how to apply these principles to any organization.

Target Audience

This speech is a must for anyone engaged in the organization. Senior managers discover how to create a high-performance organization, middle management will learn how to motivate employees to greater productivity, staff, both technical and non-technical will acquire key tools to strike a work-life balance in any organization.

Key Take-Aways

  • The 7 Key Success Parameters to High-Performance Organizations
  • Three specific actions you can implement today to improve your performance
  • Strategies for enhancing your organization’s culture and productivity


Passionate, energetic, and enlightening, Michael motivates his audiences with his dynamic and humorous style. The speech is presented in a live format with accompanying PowerPoint® slides.

Duration:       1 hour (including 10 minute Q&A)

Marketing Pitch for Planners

Productivity, work-life balance, and the dynamic marketplace collide to challenge any workplace environment. In this speech, Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski , a world-renowned expert in organizational culture and productivity, presents the seven key elements that make any organization a top-performer. The result of extensive research in organizational performance from such greats as McGregor, Mazlow, Covey, Flamholz and Randle, and many more, Kimi not only demonstrates how these key cultural elements improve organizations, but also presents how to effect a successful cultural improvement.

We’ll take a new look at motivation, stakeholder engagement, and how to focus teams on what’s important… for both your customers and your management. This speech is a must for anyone engaged in organizational management and productivity.