Professionals who recognize that improving their interpersonal and communications skills is an on-going process – not a one time event. Professionals in technical and engineering backgrounds.


There are few things as simple and yet difficult as communications skills. Whether your audience is particularly interested in conflict resolution, interpersonal relationship building, interviewing or clearer and more effective communications there is a Killer Competency speech to support an immediate increase in skill levels.

The Conflict Resolution session focuses on the three C’s of conflict and the point that conflict can – when resolved productively – be a force for productive, positive good in teams and in projects.

The subject of Interpersonal Relationship Building can be as complicated as you want or as simple as you’d like but it frequently comes down to this: people respond better to people they can like.

If there is a single skill that serves every profession and every person well it is the ability to demonstrate Clear and Effective Communication. The session on Clear and Effective Communications, one of the most popular of the series, has a back-to-basic approach that gives every member of the audience the opportunity to improve their communications skills in a fun and engaging way.

Audience takeaways

  • 3 step process for more effective practice
  • Practice supporting another person in gaining competency levels – excellent use with clients!
  • Fun while learning and practicing